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These are some examples of past projects designed at MEL :

High Voltage Amplifier

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Blood Flow Monitor and Camera Trigger

This device monitors blood flow using an optical sensor which is clipped on the ear lobe, and provides an output signal to trigger a camera which takes a picture of the blood vessels in the eye.  Thumbwheel switches allow precise setting of the camera trigger  at any point on the blood flow waveform.  This allows researchers to observe changes in the eye's blood vessels at different points in the cardiac cycle.


Precision Temperature Controller

This device controls a heater around a piece of glass tubing which feeds a solution to a microscope well.  The temperature of the solution in the well is monitored and maintained within 0.1 deg. C  by the controller.


Event Timer

This device is used for precise timing of events occuring on 32 input lines.  It uses programmable logic chips and a digital signal processor to capture and process the signals.


Motor Controller

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Force Command Amplifier

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Gradient Plate

This device provides a controlled temperature gradient between two ends of an aluminum plate.  One end of the plate is cooled with thermoelectric Peltier modules, and the other end is warmed with resistance heaters.  The temperature at each end is set by the user and shown on an LCD display.